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Mobile Drilling rigs MBR-125 and MBR-160

(Equipment / Material)
Model Number: МБР
Condition: New
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Location: Russia / Sverdlovsk Oblast / Nizhny Tagil
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: Call for price
ICBMs were created by design of Spetsmash OJSC, an enterprise included in the integrated structure of the corporation; Also, the majority of the services of the UVZ technological institute were involved in the design and development of the technology for manufacturing components and parts. Almost all the production and divisions of Uralvagonzavod took part in the creation of the prototypes: mechanical assembly, non-standardized equipment, instrumental, mechanical repair, service of the chief power engineer, and others.

The main advantage of this machine is the availability of a reliable winch, with a special low-speed, high-torque hydraulic drive,
developed in Sweden. The well repair process is always extremely hard work for a driller, but in
In the case of ICBMs, the unique design of the winch eliminates the drilling process from the main labor-intensive procedures.

The winch also provides:
- increasing the productivity of hoisting operations based on stepless speed control and reducing the time of lifting the columns due to the full use of drive power at each stage of the lifting.
- high precision control of hoisting operations thanks to the perfect dynamic characteristics of the direct drum drive from high-torque hydraulic motors and servo remote electro-hydraulic control.
- safety management of hoisting operations, thanks to the adjustable mode of lowering the columns by the method of disinhibition of permanently closed disc brakes.

In addition, the uniqueness of the MBR-125 and MBR-160 installations lies in the possibility of using an upper power drive designed to rotate the drilling tool, hold the pipe string by weight, carry out tripping operations, supply drilling fluid to the well and repair the wells with a standard-powered drive hydraulic systems of these installations. The upper power drive, replacing the rotor, flushing swivel and hydraulic wrench of the plants compared to rotary drilling, reduces the overall laboriousness of work when building up the pipe string during drilling and significantly increases labor productivity. In addition, it becomes possible to intensify production wells with a depth of up to 3,000 meters with low efficiency or having developed a resource when refining them with horizontal shafts in oil and gas beds.

In accordance with the “Rules in the Oil and Gas Industry”, MBR-125 and MBR-160 are equipped with a top power drive when drilling wells, when opening a reservoir with an expected content of more than 6 volume percent hydrogen sulfide in the formation fluid, when a drilling angle with a radius of curvature of less than 30 is set meters in directional wells, while drilling a horizontal section of the wellbore more than 300 meters long in wells with a depth of more than 3,000 meters.

With the help of the installations, the following is done:
- descent and lifting of tubing string, drill pipe, sucker rod and other well equipment;
- drilling, including drilling cement bridges, traffic jams, packers, cutting and drilling of the second trunks;
- washing sand and paraffin deposits in the well, installing cement bridges, fishing and emergency operations.
The MBR-125 and MBR-160 installations include:

- six-axle self-propelled transport and technological chassis with a wheel formula of 12x12;
- a telescopic tower with an open front face, providing lifting and lowering of the pipe string, drilling and other equipment during the repair and drilling of wells;
- main hydraulic winch;
- tackle system, including tackle block, crown block, adapter, tackle rope;
- supporting foundations for hydraulic jacks;
- a set of equipment and tools.

In addition, the MBR-125 and MBR-160 installations can be equipped with a top power drive system upon customer request. MBR-125 and MBR-160 rigs make the drilling process easier and more comfortable. All operations are controlled from a heated cabin using a computer that automatically selects the necessary modes of torque, braking torque and others. Thus, the subjective factor of work is minimized: it is enough for the driller to give a command with the help of a joystick, and then the automation will work independently, supporting effective modes.

Operation of the units is carried out at an ambient temperature of -400 ° C to + 400 ° C. It is also possible to use installations at a critical temperature of -450С.

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