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Registration process:

Follow the link sign up now and fill out the following information (only three fields marked with a red star (*) are mandatory):

  1. E-mail*. That is going to be your username when you log into the system;

  2. Name*. Last name is not mandatory;

  3. Create a password*. Follow the given instructions during registration;

  4. Add a profile picture. Take into account the technical recommendations.

  5. By default, your personal data won’t be seen to other users of our platform, however, if you tick “show in my public profile” your data will be accessed by everyone;

  6. Select a country you live in;

  7. Select a preferred language that you should be addressed in.

Then, you will be sent an e-mail to confirm the registration. After you follow all the steps in the e-mail, you will have access to your personal account controls.

That’s it! Next time when you will be logging into our system, you can access your account by clicking a link in the upper right corner.

Navigation in the Account

On the left of the account you can choose one of the features listed below:

  1. Personal information. That section includes your personal data that you can change by clicking the edit button;

  2. My products. Here you can find information on the products/services that you have listed, you can edit your listing, add new ones, delete them or remove from public view by clicking the edit button. By removing listings from the public view and making them private view only, all the data stays, and you can return to them at any time and make them public again. In the table below you can see the status and information on your listed products/services:

  3. Company profile. Here you can publish information about the company you represent and later edit it by clicking edit company;

  4. My messages. That is your personal e-mail within the platform (our interactive helper tool called “Tour” can help you navigate through it);

  5. Add product. If you decide to make a listing of a product/service, the system will make you first fill out information about the company you represent (if you haven’t done it already) or state that you are an individual non-related to any organization. Then, the platform will offer you 6 main categories to put your product/service in. After selecting a category, you need to fill out all the mandatory information with a red star (*) to it. After you complete all the steps, your request for a listing will be sent to our technical moderators for approval. In case something in the listing needs correction, we will contact you. Approval takes 48 hours to proceed and then your listing will be up on the website. If you wish to make corrections to an already existing listing, the request for changes will be sent to our moderators who, after reviewing the request, will publish it.