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AMAS Energy as a Solution

AMAS Energy is the first Oil & Gas specialized internet-platform in the world that serves as a mean for users to make all the necessary business connections, process deals and learn about the global market. The platform is created and run by specialists who have years of work experience in various Oil & Gas fields of major companies, including the companies of “The Big 4”. The objective of AMAS Energy is to unite sellers and buyers, engineers and procurement specialists, big and small businesses, company owners, entrepreneurs, and pretty much every member of the Oil & Gas industry in the world.


Compared to other Oil & Gas specialized websites, AMAS Energy:

  • Is not limited to any field or industry: the platform is designed for companies operating in the oil and gas, energy, metallurgical and engineering industries. The list of included industries will be growing over time;

  • Is not limited in its features: here, companies can buy and sell any Oil & Gas related products, services, as well as their entire companies, learn news in the community, communicate with each other and much more;

  • Has convenient navigation through the website categories, facilitating the search for anything the user may need for their business: technologies, materials, equipment, employees, entire companies or services - everything on AMAS Energy is precisely classified into sections and numerous subsections, allowing for quick and easy search. Most importantly, each section in the menu is moderated by an industry specialist with education and experience in that particular area, ensuring that the search results are relevant at all times and items are listed in the right place;

  • Provides its users with a professional comparison feature for products and services: one can select the best offer between similar in their qualities products and services. Our moderators have developed specific technical questionnaires that a company has to fill out when they make a listing, providing a single easy format for data throughout the website. The required technical specifications are easy to navigate through even for non-specialists in the field;

  • Finally, AMAS Energy provides its users with an opportunity to make transactions within the platform itself, saving time for the users.

We are also planning on creating a mobile app, a section in the menu for professional trainings and a feature to browse through personnel to hire by their qualifications.


Benefits for Your Business

AMAS Energy helps potential partners of any size easily find each other and make a the most profitable deal, no matter how far they are located from each other. Every user of our website can publish their listing in the right category so others can find them in a few clicks. Using the online platform is many times cheaper than participating in numerous specialized exhibitions or promoting yourself in search systems.


Advantages of the Platform for Producers and Suppliers of Goods and Services:

  • Companies simply publish their listing in the corresponding section of the menu so that interested companies can find and contact them;

  • Companies, whose equipment, materials or services are applicable in various fields or categories can list in all of the relevant ones at the same time;

  • Just as easy as listing a product or a service, one can list their company, partial ownership in the company or non-core assets. Entrepreneurs can also find partners or investors for promoting their business or fund raising; Manufacturers and service companies can compare their offers with their competitors and, therefore, adjust their listings to the market price;

  • It is also a unique opportunity for small but quality high-tech local companies to make themselves known on the global market and grow.


Advantages of the Platform for Buyers and Consumers of Goods and Services:

  • AMAS Energy is a full catalogue of opportunities from around the globe: companies can gain quick and easy access to new technologies and products that can help them improve and grow;

  • There is a chance to browse service companies in any part of the world with the most beneficial offers. One just needs to specify the region of interest and company profile needed to be able to compare available offers and choose the ones that suit them best;

  • You can also use the tender feature that we integrated into the platform which allows users to attract companies from different countries and get all the possible offers for their request;

  • Moreover, AMAS Energy provides investors with information on companies on the market, field the company specializes in, its region of operation, its size, economic indicators, and prices.


How Does It Work?

Any user can browse through the website for free, however, registration is required in order to obtain more detailed information about the companies, products and services. After the registration, each user gains access to the whole range of the platform’s features and personal account information.


For Sellers:

AMAS Energy is an opportunity to make listings in any category and segment only after filling out company’s info. Having a separate page with all the information about one’s company is very convenient for businesses that don’t have separate professional websites – the company page contains everything your clients may need. Our specialists will help you if you need guidance creating a company page or listing your product or service. After the listing is complete, potential buyers can reach out to you, communicating through our specially designed chat within the platform. You can contact AMAS Energy team at any time to receive a professional overview and recommendations to get your business on the website.


For Buyers:

Buyers can search for needed products and services through our detailed classificatory menu or search bar, allowing for comparison of similar offers. If needed, the buyer can ask additional questions to the seller through our messaging system and, eventually, make a deal not leaving the website. A buyer can also post a tender for a specific good or service so that the companies will reach out to them with offers. Thus, AMAS Energy not only erases the boundaries between companies, but also facilitates communication between two entities, making the platform convenient and simple to use.


One of the most convenient features of the platform is the ability to select a category of your interest in the menu, for instance “fuel pumps”, and see all the related information on that category available on the website: everything from products and services, news on recently developed technologies, to sale of whole companies that specialize in that particular item.


We Unite All Aspects of the Industry to Achieve the Best Efficiency

The unpredictability of the global economy is forcing manufacturers to look for new modern ways to improve the efficiency of their businesses. Attracting partners and new clients consumes a lot of time and resources and, unfortunately, a lot of companies fail, especially when it comes to accessing adjacent markets or expanding to new regions.


As a result, manufacturers and service providers suffer as they overstock goods they cannot sell, while other companies cannot find a reliable supplier of those goods. Some companies possess new high-tech solutions, nonetheless, they do not have contacts on the market who may be interested in what they produce. Finally, companies have to use the services of the limited providers available to them, without having a chance to find other options that are more profitable for their business. Individual companies and industries are negatively impacted by the lack of communication and awareness about other market participants, which eventually affects the global Oil & Gas industry, preventing it from evolving at a pace it could have.


Till this moment, the only solution to the problem of disunity were thematic Oil & Gas exhibitions where one could make themselves known and learn about other companies. Still, exhibitions have always had two major disadvantages: the list of participants is limited by region, while costs of entry are very high. Those detriments prevented lots of smaller companies from participating, making connections and growing their business. Now, with the introduction of the AMAS Energy online platform, all companies on the Oil & Gas market, regardless of their field of specialization, location or size have a better alternative to present themselves to the world.


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