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Cajo Sirius - laser Marking

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Model Number: Cajo Sirius
Condition: New
Location or Storage Country: Finland
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: Call for price

Cajo Sirius

Cajo Sirius is an innovative, flexible and user friendly laser marking solution for any marking need.

System´s fiber laser enables permanent markings on numerous materials, like metals, coated metals, and plastics. Cajo´s own patented method allows for all the colors of the rainbow on the surface of stainless steel, without any additives or pigments.

Cajo Sirius system is easy to transfer and the ability to adjust the marking head into almost any angle (see product video), makes it possible to mark even the most challenging objects. The markings are fast and extremely precise. The system can be adjusted to mark moving objects, including vertically moving objects.

The system can be integrated to a production line or to a device. Cajo Sirius has been designed to replace the traditional marking systems, such as ink jets. The system is service friendly and a long lasting solution. With the user friendly CajoMark software and design software CajoCad it is easy and fast to design and do the markings.

CajoLink remote access to the system´s control center allows for a rapid support by Cajo Experts when needed, hence the possible interruptions in the production will shorten.







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