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Hoses for Sanitation of Pipelines

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Model Number: РСТ
Condition: New
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Location: Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: Call for price
At its core, the rehabilitation of utilities is an innovative way to carry out repairs without digging trenches and dismantling pipelines in disrepair. As a rule, modern rehabilitation equipment of controlled horizontal drilling and specialized bentonite building mix are used to carry out rehabilitation.

It should be said that this type of work has gained immense popularity and demand due to the fact that it allows you to quickly solve the following types of problems:

  • dismantling pipelines of any level of durability;
  • increase the throughput of pipelines;
  • removal of calcareous deposits and rust from pipes;
  • increase pressure and gas supply in highways of any level;
  • operational execution of dismantling of sewer pipes;
  • implementation of work related to the cleaning of pipelines from any types and types of pollution.

In the process of reorganization, the manufacturers of the work carry out not only the dismantling of the pipe section, which is in emergency condition, but also the installation of new durable, wear-resistant and reliable pipes made of polyethylene in its place. At the same time, the entire procedure is performed without digging trenches, allowing you to completely save the urban or natural landscape at the place of work. You can buy sleeves for sanitation of pipelines, as well as any equipment necessary for this, on our website.

Technology for the rehabilitation of the emergency pipeline

At the initial stage, before starting the installation of new pipes at the site of the emergency pipeline, the manufacturer performs the cleaning of the old pipe from rust and other types of pollution. Next, pulling a new durable pipe through a special pit or neck of the sewer well. The new pipe is pulled through the operation of specialized equipment, which in its specificity is a high-tech and very powerful winch.

Unlike analog technologies and devices, reorganization through the use of innovative technologies and high-quality materials can be used to perform work on the replacement of almost any engineering systems. However, when thinking of carrying out these works, it should be remembered that pipes installed in place of the emergency pipeline should have a smaller diameter. The presence of smaller diameter pipes to be installed will be compensated by their excellent hydraulic properties.

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