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Device 2NNK-GGKLP-LWD-121

(Equipment / Material)
Model Number: 2ННК-ГГКЛП-LWD-121
Condition: New
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: Call for price
It is used in wells during drilling for any type of flushing fluid.

Designed for GIS methods:

  • azimuthally oriented lithological-density gamma-gamma-ray logging to determine the density and effective atomic number of rocks.
  • compensated neutron-neutron logging by thermal neutrons for measuring water-saturated porosity of rocks by the method of compensated neutron-neutron logging by thermal neutrons - 2NNct or by epithermal neutrons - 2NNnt.

Tasks to be solved:

  • control of the design of the wellbore during drilling;
  • image density registration in 16 segments
  • reservoir routing through azimuthal measurements;
  • collector allocation;
  • determining the nature of saturation of the collectors;

The device can operate both from its own and from external power sources. To ensure operation in combination with other devices, the device passes through a transit of 7 wires.

The measuring installation of compensated neutron-neutron logging contains a chamber for placing an ampule source of fast neutrons IBN-8-5 with a neutron output of (1.00 ± 0.20) × 10 7 n / s, the measuring installation of lithological-density logging contains a chamber for placing a gamma source radiation Cs-137 type IGI-C-4 activity from 6.65 × 10 9 to 6.65 × 10 10 Bq.

Neutron source recoverable.

Measured parameters Range Error
Water-saturated porosity (2NNA each),% 0 ÷ 40 4.2 + 2.3 (40 / Kp-1),%
The bulk density of rocks, g / cm 3 1.7 ÷ 3.0

from 1.7 to 2.0 g / cm 3 ± 1.5%;
2.0 to 3.0 g / cm 3 ± 1.2%

Photoelectric Absorption Index, rel. 1.0 to 7.0

no more than ± 0.2 at Pe <2.5
no more than ± 0.25 at Pe> 2.5

Vertical resolution 25 cm in the GGKLP probe
50 cm probe 2NNA

General technical data
The length of the device in a bunch, mm 2800 no more
Diameter of the device, mm 121 no more
Diameter of centralizer blades, mm 137, 144, 156
The total mass of the device, kg 205 no more
Operating temperature range, ° С:
when working in the well
when programming and checking performance

-45 ÷ +50
Maximum working pressure, MPa 80
Ultimate load:
Permissible torque, kNm
Permissible tensile force, kN
Permissible compressive force, kN
The maximum intensity of the set of curvature 5 ° at 10 m
Battery life, h 240 no less
Vibration resistance in the range of 10 ÷ 60 Hz, g twenty
Impact resistance to single strokes lasting 6 ÷ 12 ms, g fifty
Connecting threads, top (sleeve) / bottom (sleeve) Z-102 / Z-102
Diameter of the investigated wells, mm 142 ÷ 168
Accommodation on a drilling tool

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