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Model Number: АПИЛК-160С
Condition: New
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: Call for price
Designed for well logging using pulsed neutron-neutron thermal neutron logging (2INK).

It is used to study very shallow and horizontal sections of the trunk of oil and gas wells filled with flushing fluid on an oil and water basis, both in an open and in a cased hole.

Tasks to be solved:

  • determination of the current oil saturation in oil fields with mineralized formation water;
  • determination of gas-liquid contact;
  • determination of hydrogen content and effective porosity of reservoirs;
  • lithological dissection of the section.

Detectors - two helium counters (Helium-3).

As a source of neutrons with an energy of 14 MeV, a high-frequency pulsed neutron generator MFNG-601 with a gas-filled neutron tube AREV-40 is used. The neutron yield (at a neutron pulse generation frequency of 400 Hz) is up to 2 × 10 8 neutrons / sec.

Measured parameters Range Error
Neutron capture cross section 3 ÷ 55 cu 1.5%
Range of measurement of hydrogen content 0 ÷ 40% 4.2 + 2.3 (40 / K P -1)%

Count rate in water according to the BZ, not less than 50,000 imp / min.

General technical data
Total length of the device, mm 2930 no more
Diameter of the device, mm 160 no more
The total mass of the device, kg 200 no more
Maximum ambient temperature, ° С 120
Maximum hydrostatic pressure, MPa 80
The frequency of neutron generation, kHz 100 ÷ 1000
Number of time channels per detector one hundred
Logging speed, m / h 800 no more
Battery life, hours in recording mode 10 no less
Well diameter, mm 215.9 ÷ 350
Accommodation on a drilling tool

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