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Autonomous Density GAMMA-GAMMA Logging APGGK-90RI

(Equipment / Material)
Model Number: АПГГК-90РИ
Condition: New
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: Call for price
Designed for GIS using the method of compensated density gamma-gamma-ray logging.

It is used to study very shallow and horizontal sections of the trunk of oil and gas wells filled with flushing fluid based on oil and water.

Tasks to be solved:

  • correlation of well sections and lithological changes;
  • detailed lithological dissection;
  • stratigraphic studies;
  • determination / refinement of filtration-capacitive properties;
  • determination / refinement of the mineral composition of rocks.

The device is designed to work with a cesium-137 gamma radiation source with an activity of 6.65 × 10 9 to 3 × 10 10 Bq. Gamma-ray detectors - scintillation detectors with PMT.

It is equipped as standard with a free rotation unit, which allows turning the drilling tool during research.

The APGGK-90RI device is manufactured with a recoverable source . This design allows in case of an accident not to leave radioactive sources in the well.
The new design of the device and the developed probe allow to obtain the quality of the material, not inferior to the quality of the work of the instruments on the wireline.

Measured parameters Rock bulk density
measurement range 1.7 × 10 3 to 3.0 × 10 3 kg / m 3
The limit of permissible basic relative measurement error from 1.7 × 10 3 to 2.0 × 10 3 kg / m 3
± 2.0%
from 2.0 × 10 3 to 3.0 × 10 3 kg / m 3
± 1.2%

General technical data
Total length of the device, mm 3300 no more
Diameter of the device, mm 90 no more
The total mass of the device, kg 120 no more
Power, autonomous, V 12.5
Maximum ambient temperature, ° С 90 (120)
Maximum hydrostatic pressure, MPa 80
Well diameter, mm 120 ÷ 300
Logging speed, m / h 400 no more
Battery life, hours in recording mode 10
Recording Frequency, (polls per second) 2
Accommodation on a drilling tool

Note: when logging in wells with temperatures above + 90ºC, it is necessary to use special heat-resistant batteries or thermostatic control unit of the battery pack.

The device is equipped with a spring :

Spring Length L Spring Width B Well diameter
1100 44 90-300

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