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Extractor SCM H900C

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Model Number: SCM H900C
Condition: New
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Location: Russia Moscow
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: Call for price
In many parts of the world, state regulatory agencies are placing increasingly stringent demands on the discharge of the solid phase of mud polluting the environment. In accordance with these requirements, Scomi Oiltools specialists developed the SCM H900C extractor, which is used to reduce the liquid phase content in drill cuttings to a level that allows the discharge of cuttings into the environment or bioremediation.

Length 2,337 mm
Height 2,032 mm
Width 2,438 mm

• Productivity - 35 t / h

• Maximum strength G - 375

• Drum rotation speed - 870 rpm

• The speed of rotation of the spiral chamber - 850 rpm

Extractor work scheme

Drill cuttings are fed into the extractor after the equipment for monitoring the solid phase content using a screw conveyor, a vacuum transfer system or a slurry pump.

Extractor 2 working scheme

The slurry enters the center of the feeder and is evenly distributed through the feed holes; due to the centrifugal force, the slurry enters the spiral channels between the casing and the net. When the sludge passes through a conical mesh, its layer becomes thinner and is exposed to a constantly increasing force G. Due to the high centrifugal force, the liquid phase passes through the dense layer of solid particles and the mesh, and solid particles exit the outer diameter of the mesh. Dried sludge leaves the front of the machine and is discharged into the environment, or accumulated for further processing. The liquid phase exits tangentially to the housing and enters the storage tank.

Extractor Basket

• Horizontal basket - convenient loading of drill cuttings and access for maintenance

• Spiral chamber - the inner surface is made in the form of a spiral, which allows you to hold the solid phase and control its output

• Basket mesh - patented mesh design prevents solid particles from clogging

Sludge before

Sludge After

• Degree of accuracy - thanks to precise balancing of the basket, a minimum clearance between the body and the basket is ensured, minimum wear of the rotating part

• Reliability - the use of a cycloidal gearbox (slight wear after 50,000 hours of operation)

• Belt drive - antistatic belts

• Windows for sampling

• Robust and durable one-piece housing

• When cleaning the extractor, it is not necessary to dismantle the basket

• Does not require constant operator intervention. High reliability and quality.

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