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Key pipe Hydraulic Suspended KTG 25-140

(Equipment / Material)
Model Number: КТГ 25-140
Condition: New
Made in: Russia
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Location: Russia / Tula
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: Call for price
The hydraulic pipe wrench KTG 25-140 is designed for mechanized screwing and unscrewing of threaded pipe joints of tubing and drill pipe during drilling and well repair. It is made in accordance with the technical specifications of TU 3668-001-39048342-97.

Design features:

  • the key has a clamping mechanism with gripping heads;
  • high torque with small dimensions and weight;
  • reversible clamping mechanism with jaws or gripping heads ensures reliable gripping of pipes and couplings without crushing and turning;
  • a set of gripping heads allows you to work with a wide range of pipe diameters;
  • a hydraulic reversible three-point locking device for damping the reactive moment on the key provides reliable fixation of pipes of the entire range of diameters without changing the clamping jaws;
  • The remote control panel provides safe remote work with a key.

Delivery Options:

  • delivery complete with or without a locking device;
  • delivery can be carried out complete with the hydraulic drive stations SGP-20E (with electric drive) and SGP-20D, SGP-20DM, SGP-20DM1 (with a drive from a diesel engine);
  • optionally available: remote control, spring suspension, suspension hydraulic cylinder, a set of replacement parts (gripping heads, crackers).
Technical characteristics of a key of a pipe hydraulic KTG 25-140

Parameter Name


Working range mm

- key

- locking device

33 ... 178

48 ... 188

Torque kNm

- at a nominal pressure of 20 MPa

- at a pressure of 25MPa



Rotational speed (rpm)

0 ... 45

(stepless regulation)

Weight of a key (without locking device), kg

800 (650)

Ambient temperature, ° С

from –40 to +50

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