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Drilling pumps UNB 600

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Model Number: УНБ 600
Condition: New
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Location: Russia, Yekaterinburg
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: Call for price
A mud piston pump is used to supply flushing water. This process is carried out exclusively during well drilling at a maximum depth of this pit at 5000 meters. Such a pump will deliver ki solutions using a drill string. The most common pumps are twin-cylinder, which have a double action. If we compare the piston drill and conventional piston pumps, the former have many advantages, as they can be used for harsh conditions. The UNB-600 device must necessarily include a connecting rod and crank device. Also, the UNB pump has a valve for protection, a hydraulic nozzle unit, pneumatic compensators, and a heating system.

According to technical indicators, the UNB-600 pump has 66 of the strongest double strokes in 60 seconds with a total mass of 27020 kg with a pulley. The poppet type conical valve allows you to work for a long time, and the UNB-600 mud pump uses a disc gummed piston type design, which is the best in its field.

The sealing devices that UNB uses are designed to prevent clay and any solution from entering the pump drive. For the introduction of the clay mortar, a drive with a rod extension is mainly used, which is why gland seals are used.

If UNB-600 mud pumps are used during rotary drilling, then flushing fluid should be supplied exclusively through the drill pipe columns for bottom hole drilling. In this case, the pump is used as a cooling element and as a device for cleaning rocks that were previously destroyed with a chisel. In some cases, the pump is used to transfer the energy of the flow of the turbodrill design in conjunction with the bit.

Very often water or clay solutions are chosen with the washing liquid, but oil, alkali, soda and some other components must be added to such solutions. When comparing with many other pumps that can be used for the same purpose, at UNB-600 the price varies in the middle range. In fact, such a pump is called a rather complex device, which includes more than a hundred parts. But when you buy a new pump, you will not need to change every year those parts that fail, since the device is strong, reliable, and it was created to work in any conditions.

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