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Pumps for the Metallurgical Industry

(Equipment / Material)
Model Number: НМП
Condition: New
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Location: Russia, Yekaterinburg
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: Call for price
For ferrous metallurgy, three-plunger pumps and electric pump units with automation elements for manning pump-accumulator stations (NAS) are produced.

For ferrous metallurgy, pumping units are manufactured and delivered in two versions: ANT-1000L-EPPCh includes:

  1. three-plunger pump NT-1000L;
  2. single-stage gearbox U = 2;
  3. frequency-adjustable electric motor type ADB-1000U1 (power 1 000 kW, revolutions per minute - 1 000);
  4. gear clutch for torque - 2 360 kgf • m
  5. gear clutch for torque - 1,180 kgf • m
  6. elements of automation and control;
  7. mounting frame.

ANT-1000LM-EPCR includes:

  1. three-plunger pump NT-1000LM;
  2. two-stage gearbox U = 11;
  3. frequency-adjustable electric motor type ADB-1000U1;
  4. gear clutch for torque - 10,000 kgf • m
  5. gear clutch for torque - 1,180 kgf • m
  6. elements of automation and control;
  7. mounting frame.

With the delivery of a frequency-controlled electric drive, current frequency converters are offered both in special shelters with a microclimate, as well as in versions for stationary indoor workshop premises.

Diaphragm pulp pump units of the AND-170 type with a frequency-controlled electric drive, automation and control system are designed for pumping raw bauxite pulp to technological objects in the production of alumina in aluminum plants. The pumped medium is raw bauxite pulp with the parameters:

  • temperature ≤97 ° C
  • specific gravity ≤1.55 g / cm 3
  • hydrogen indicator ≤14рН

Pumping units can be used for hydrotransport of other liquid media with a high content of abrasive particles, subject to agreement with the manufacturer. For example, in the production of building materials, hydrotransport over long distances of coal pulp, crushed ash at power plants and in many other cases. The following modifications of pumping units are issued:

AND-150-4-200R AND-170-4-250R AND-170-5-320R AND-170-6.3-400R AND-170-8-500R AND-170-10-630R

All pump units use the design of one ND-170 diaphragm pump.

The pump unit type AND-170 includes:

  1. diaphragm pump ND-170;
  2. variable frequency drive with V-belt drive;
  3. control and automation system;
  4. control panel with control devices, a liquid crystal display that displays current information, memory of current information;
  5. sets of tools and accessories for maintenance;
  6. spare parts (the volume of spare parts is determined by the customer).

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