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Laser length and speed meter Laserspeed Pro 8500E

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Model Number: LaserSpeed Pro 8500E
Condition: New
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: Call for price
The LaserSpeed Pro 8500E is a LaserSpeed Pro 8500 laser-protected length and speed meter protected by a metal casing. It provides double protection and increases efficiency when used in hot and aggressive environments.

LaserSpeed Pro 8500 Series

The 8500 Series measures the absolute value of speed and length using the Doppler effect and allows you to replace contact tachometers that tolerate errors due to slippage, contamination or natural wear. For ease of installation, it is possible to select the required distance to the monitored object - from 300 to 1000 mm, and the filter for materials with a temperature of more than 500 ° C allows high-precision speed measurements of up to 12000 m / min on any surface.

Non-contact measurements

LaserSpeed ​​Pro is a new series of laser speed and length meters that continues the more than 30-year history of Beta LaserMike worldwide. With new connectivity and control capabilities in line with Industry 4.0, LaserSpeed ​​Pro integrates into production networks more easily than ever, enabling real-time data exchange and efficient processing. Unsurpassed productivity and flexibility in application, does LaserSpeed ​​Pro the universal choice for the solution of problems of measurements at production enterprises around the world. A finely tuned optical system in combination with an ultra-stable laser diode allows LaserSpeed ​​Pro to achieve measurement accuracy of ± 0.03% with repeatability of ± 0.02% with a measurement zone depth of 100 mm, which is 20-40 times higher than the accuracy of mechanical sensors. In manufacturing, where an error of even 1% has a significant impact on profits, LaserSpeed ​​Pro helps companies gain complete control over the quality of their products.

Industry-leading productivity - the technology of a two-beam laser Doppler cycle meter in combination with an autocorrelation algorithm allows LaserSpeed ​​Pro to work with an accuracy of ± 0.03% and repeatability ± 0.02% with a measurement zone depth of up to 100 mm and a full speed range.

Extensive speed measurement capabilities - LaserSpeed ​​Pro accurately measures the speed of the product at any speed, from true zero and very slow (like 760 mm / min) to extremely high (20,000 m / min). Both in the forward and in the opposite direction.

Ultra-sensitive motion tracking - LaserSpeed ​​Pro captures the smallest movements of an object back and forth, even with fast acceleration / deceleration. This helps to reduce errors associated with the elongation coefficient.

Universal installation - The compact design and various distance to the object of control (300 - 3000 mm) allows you to adapt the LaserSpeed ​​Pro to almost any installation. Its integrated architecture (the processor inside the sensor) works with all PLCs, which simplifies the installation and operation of LaserSpeed ​​Pro.

Operation without adjustment - LaserSpeed ​​Pro never needs re-calibration after installation, which saves time and money.

Extended life - a new laser diode technology, accompanied by a 3-year warranty, doubles the life of conventional diodes. All other LaserSpeed ​​Pro components come with a two-year warranty. The LaserSpeed ​​Pro can also be equipped with three levels of protection - a water-cooled casing, a stainless steel protective case and a heat shield - for long-term operation during the day, even in the most difficult production conditions. Degree of protection IP 67.

User Selectable Outputs - Standard LaserSpeed ​​Pro outputs include fully compatible quadrature or scalable RS-422 pulse outputs and RS-422 and RS-232 serial outputs. Pulses per unit (e.g. m / min) are configurable.

Industry 4.0 connectivity - LaserSpeed ​​Pro integrates an Ethernet output that supports Industry 4.0 standards such as ModBus TCP, Ethernet / IP and Profinet IO, as well as a field bus for Profibus DP. This new platform also lays the foundation for future connectivity via WiFi, Bluetooth or ZigBee.

LaserTrak Software - proprietary software that provides complete digital control over the setup and operation of LaserSpeed ​​Pro. The toolkit includes setting up communication, pulse length and speed, controlling high- and low-speed pulse output, plotting and storing data.

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