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Thermal Imaging module Ulirvision TC384

(Equipment / Material)
Model Number: ULIRvision TC384
Condition: New
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: Call for price
The TC384 thermal imaging module can be easily integrated into products or systems with various interfaces. The simple and reliable design of the thermal imaging module and the built-in digital signal processing provide widespread use of this module in creating thermal imagers for solving various problems.

The thermal imaging module ULIRvision TC384 can be easily integrated into products or systems with various interfaces. This module supports digital video output (LVDS), composite video output (BNC) and remote control (RS232). Thanks to the M3 1/4 ″ -20 mounts, the TC160 thermal imaging module is conveniently integrated into an existing video surveillance system, and it can also be used in various systems: fire fighting equipment, night vision systems, weapon sights, surveillance and security tools, and many others.


Features of the thermal imaging module ULIRvision TC384 :

  • Compact, light in weight for easy integration
  • 50 Hz image rate for crisp, real-time thermal video
  • Highly sensitive detector with a pixel pitch of 25 microns, NETD <80 mK
  • Auto / Manual Brightness / Contrast
  • Video output in black and white or color display
  • Switchable PAL / NTSC analogue video signal
  • Digital video signal in serial data transmission LVDS / parallel data transmission BT.656
  • Various interfaces for easy integration
  • 2x digital zoom allows users to view the subject in detail
  • RS232 interface provides access to remote control
  • Latest software and remote upgrade using RS232.
  • Enhanced information processing function provides excellent thermal video
  • Professional analysis software allows customers to create their own applications.

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