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Digital REYS-205 Reflectometer

(Equipment / Material)
Model Number: РЕЙС-205
Condition: New
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: RUB117,180
Designed to determine the distance to the place of damage to the underground cable line.

The REYS-205 digital reflectometer is a specialized device with a built-in measuring cable bridge, designed to quickly and accurately identify defects of any type in power lines, communication and other types of cable lines. One of the most advanced and advanced Russian reflectometers with a precision cable measuring bridge is combined in the instrument case.

As part of the work on the localization of damaged areas of cable lines, the REYS-205 digital reflectometer allows you to:

  • Thanks to the implementation of several search methods at once: location-based (pulse reflectometry), bridge and wave methods, as well as the short-term arc method, it is possible to accurately and quickly determine the location of the damaged area in all types of cable lines (power, communication, etc.), in including places of breaks and short circuits, lower insulation, low and high resistance leaks, as well as any other types of defects;
  • fully replace any Russian-made device designed to search for defects in cable lines, as well as many imported impulse devices and bridges; the price of the REYS-205 reflectometer is an order of magnitude lower than foreign analogues;
  • carry out proper certification of cable lines, store reflectograms and line parameters in internal memory, with the possibility of transferring data for subsequent analysis and archiving to a computer;
  • scheduled diagnostics during the operation of cable lines, the ability to compare measured values and traces with previously recorded data;
  • high-precision measurement of the length of the cable line and cable wound on a drum or a coil;
  • determination of shortening factors, their recording and storage in the built-in memory;
  • calculation of the line impedance.

When measuring cable lines, the REYS-205 digital reflectometer allows you to:

  • accurately determine the insulation resistance;
  • measure loop resistance;
  • determine the asymmetry in the resistance of cable conductors;
  • measure line capacity;
  • save the measurement results in internal memory, with the possibility of subsequent data transfer to a computer.


  • a combination of several methods for searching for damage in cable lines in one device at once;
  • small measurement error (not more than 0.2%);
  • displaying the output resistance value;
  • measurement visibility: on a large and high-contrast liquid crystal display with a high resolution of 320x240 pixels, measurement schemes, line parameters, active measurement mode and reflectograms, as well as comments and tips are displayed; at the same time, the presence of backlight and screen heating will allow you to work in any environmental conditions;
  • sensitive adjustment of brightness and contrast of the display;
  • a significant part of the screen is reserved for reflectograms, and a thin beam provides maximum operator comfort when analyzing the data obtained;
  • when conducting measurements using the bridge method, detailed connection diagrams are displayed - which greatly simplifies the use of the device;
  • the high power of the probe pulse in combination with a compensating signal increases the accuracy of measurements and minimizes the level of interference guidance in the studied and adjacent communications;
  • the ability to simultaneously connect up to three lines - thanks to the presence of three reflectometry inputs;
  • thanks to the built-in digital clock, along with reflectograms, the exact time of their recording is recorded - which greatly simplifies archiving and data analysis;
  • the device is simple and intuitive to use;
  • comfortable work with the device is possible even in low light conditions;
  • the presence of an output for connecting to a personal computer allows you to transfer data with maximum efficiency;
  • reduced power consumption and automatic transition to power saving mode;
  • a variety of power options: from a car cigarette lighter, industrial network or built-in battery cells;
  • indication of the battery charge level will promptly inform about the need for recharging;
  • the case of the device is made of reliable, durable material;
  • Convenience of transportation: a folding handle and legs will allow you to comfortably work with the device in the field, take measurements in horizontal, vertical or inclined position.

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