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Mobile Optical Emission Analyzer TEST-MASTER

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Model Number: TEST-MASTER
Condition: New
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: Call for price
The optical emission analyzer TEST-MASTER is designed for a large number of continuous measurements. A digital source allows even unbleached cast irons to be fired. Innovative system for reading and processing the spectrum, allows more than halving the time spent on one measurement

Features of the optical emission analyzer TEST-MASTER:

- Building an optical system using advanced CCD / DSP technology
- Dust-proof, shockproof, industrial workshop design using a special heat exchanger circuit
- Powerful 10A digital source
- Unsurpassed analysis speed of 3-5 seconds
- Analysis of low alloy and non-ferrous alloys
- Continuous work cycle
- Ability to analyze uneven surfaces and small samples

- TouchScreen function
- The ability to integrate into the automatic cycle of metallurgical production

The TEST-MASTER optical emission analyzer is equipped with two sensors:

- The AS sensor is designed to operate in two modes: “arc” (without argon) and “spark” (with argon). In the “arc” mode, the user can perform quick analyzes for sorting and identification, in the “spark” mode - precision analyzes including carbon analysis.

- UV-PRO sensor , which houses a high-resolution miniature optical system, the spectrometer analyzes elements such as S and P, as well as low carbon concentrations


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