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Vibroanalizer multi-Channel VIBRAN-3.0

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Model Number: ВИБРАН-3.0
Condition: New
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: Call for price
The VIBRAN-3.0 multi-channel vibration analyzer is designed for multi-channel vibration diagnostics of structures, foundations, foundations, bridge structures, vibration equipment, compressor stations, etc.

The VIBRAN-3.0 vibration analyzer is used to search for structural defects of various objects based on specialized techniques.

The main functions of the VIBRAN-3.0 multi-channel vibration analyzer:

- Recording and analysis of the temporal characteristics of signals in the oscilloscope mode
- Spectrum acquisition simultaneously on 4 channels
- Select a frequency range through the menu
- Choice of the number of spectrum lines
- Blackman, Hann and Rectangular Window Functions
- Automatic and manual start of measurements
- Spectrum averaging, emission estimation and total vibration level
- Automatic scaling, "time magnifier"
- Automatic and manual gain control
- Archiving of samples of vibrations and their spectral composition
- Display on the display with backlight signals and their spectrum
- Russian and English language menus and text messages
- Data transfer to PC via USB interface

Features of the VIBRAN-3.0 multi-channel vibration analyzer:

- Synchronous recording of vibrations through 4 independent channels and obtaining their spectrum
- Ease of use
- Small dimensions and weight
- Vibration sensors with integrated electronics

Technical characteristics of the VIBRAN-3.0 multi-channel vibration analyzer:



Range of working frequencies, Hz

2 ... 100/1000

Number of measurement channels


Ranges of vibration velocity, mm / s

0.01 ... 500

Ranges of movements, mm

0.01 ... 2

The number of lines in the spectrum


Number of dumps

2 ... 5

Overlapping dumps,%


The main relative error,%, no more


The amount of memory, MB


Vibration recording time

0.2 ... 20 s.

Overall dimensions of the electronic unit, mm


Mass of electronic unit / sensor, kg

0.26 / 0.08

Contents of delivery:

- Electronic unit, case
- VD39.2 vibration velocity sensors - 4 pcs.
- Magnetic platform + hairpin - 4 pcs.
- Batteries, charger
- Service program on CD, USB cable
- Manual
- A bag
- Certificate of Calibration

Additional accessories:

- Vibration sensors on request

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