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X-ray Crawler ARGO

(Equipment / Material)
Model Number: АРГО
Condition: New
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: Yes, 2 years
Price: Call for price
Separate control of the left and right pair of wheels, a low center of gravity and the presence of a chassis position sensor allow you to quickly align the position of the crawler, turn on bends and prevent it from tipping over in the pipe. The use of brushless motors with planetary gearboxes made it possible to increase the efficiency of the drives, reduced the requirements for battery capacity and eliminated overload conditions. Gearboxes are maintenance free and have a high resource.

The composition of the basic kit:

  1. Chassis with crawler control unit with indicator and film keyboard (frost-resistant version), X-ray device control unit, DC / DC converter for it, brushless motors in a monoblock with planetary gears, 25 Ah battery power supply based on LiFePo4 frost-resistant batteries and control units, the sensor system - obstacles, liquids above the permissible level, the beginning and end of the pipe, the position sensor - accelerometer, an acoustic signaling device for the state of the chassis (stop, moving e, radiation);
  2. Power supply of an X-ray apparatus with 25 Ah * 120V LiFePo4 batteries with a built-in balancing system for the charge-discharge cycle and heating system - 1 set;
  3. Multichannel charger for chassis and X-ray power supplies with built-in voltage stabilizer;
  4. Magnetic control system (emitter + receiver + charger);
  5. The mounting device of the X-ray generator for diameters of 530-720 mm with additional obstacle and liquid sensors;
  6. X-ray generator mounting device for diameters of 820-1420 mm;
  7. A set of sets of half shafts (3x4 pcs) for various pipe diameters, incl. one set is mounted on the chassis;
  8. Set of spare parts (including 4 tires, tools);
  9. Transport containers - 3 pcs;
  10. Device for assembling, adjusting and rolling the crawler into pipes of different diameters with adjustable height;
  11. Operating Instructions and Passports.

The cost of the basic set includes commissioning, training and certification of personnel and annual maintenance of the crawler. When carrying out commissioning, training, certification of personnel and annual servicing of the crawler outside the territory of the Manufacturer, delivery and travel expenses are paid separately.


  • The second LiFePo4 block of 25 Ah * 120V batteries with a built-in balancing system for the charge-discharge cycle and a heating system;
  • X-ray machine heating system (for ERESCO);
  • Radio return system with a range of up to 6 km;
  • Signaling device - an indicator of x-ray radiation;
  • Replacement polyurethane wheel
  • Replacement rubber wheel

Thanks to the latest developments of our engineers and the implementation of a range of works on the implementation of the Lean manufacturing methodology in our group of companies, it was possible in models produced since 2017 according to new enterprise standards to improve product quality, increase the radiation dose of the Radon X-ray machine and its continuous operation , and also, to ensure the rhythm of production while maintaining the cost of production.

Brief Specifications

  • Autonomous distance - 3 km in one direction of the flat terrain (6 km in both directions);
  • The maximum overcome bias, not less than 30%;
  • Motor 2 x 250 W (2 x 0.34 hp); wheels - shaped polyurethane;
  • Speed of movement - 0-20 m / min;
  • Positioning accuracy - ± 5 mm .; smooth braking;
  • Operating temperature range from - 40 ° С to + 70 ° С;
  • The mass of the main chassis with LiFePO4 batteries of the engine power supply is 59 kg;
  • The mass of the LiFePO4 battery pack is 120 V 25Ah for the battery - 25 kg;
  • The minimum diameter is 530 mm inclusive;
  • Turning radius - 6 m (with LiFePO4 batteries).

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