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Iron Stabilizer Himstab Fe

(Equipment / Material)
Model Number: ТУ 2458-103-14023401-2014
Condition: New
Made in: Russia
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Location: Russia, Perm
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: Call for price
The Khimprom company offers individual solutions to ensure maximum well productivity at the stages of well overhaul and conservation. Regardless of the stage of the well, high-tech completion fluids and effective killing fluids make it possible to achieve the tasks with maximum technological and economic efficiency.

" HimStab Fe " is designed to control the content of ferric iron in the acid composition and its products.
Iron is precipitated from the solution in the form of a fine powder (oxides of variable composition) at a pH above 3.2 and can significantly reduce the permeability of the formation. In addition, ferric ions are an effective stabilizer of oil-water emulsions.

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