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Model Number: ASR/UVR
Condition: New
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: Call for price
Mobile spectrometer for precision analysis and sorting of metals in harsh workshop and laboratory conditions.

TEST-MASTER ASR / UVR was created as a unique portable spectrometer using CCD technology, which made it possible to measure various types of alloys and various chemical elements without changing the physical structure of the device, as well as to ensure the stability of the system in severe workshop conditions. The powerful computer and the “stationary analyzer” software made the instrument flexible in calibration and easy to operate. The analyzer is manufactured at the WASAG factory (Oxford Instruments group in Germany). KSENA LLC is an official distributor in the Russian market. Our experts supply, implement, provide service and methodological support, develop and certify measurement methods, conduct training at the second level of the Gosgortekhnadzor of the Russian Federation. The spectrometer is included in the State Register of Measuring Instruments of the State Standard of the Russian Federation and has an approved verification methodology.

Analyzed products

Sheets, ingots, billets, plates, pipes, rods, electrodes, bolts, parts of various designs, directly large structures without destruction, samples of chemical analytical laboratories, small parts that are difficult for other analyzers.

Key Features

  • building an optical system using advanced CCD / DSP technology
  • dust and water resistant, shockproof industrial workshop design using a special heat exchanger circuit
  • the most powerful digital source 10A, allowing firing even unbleached cast irons and poorly prepared surfaces
  • unrivaled analysis speed 3-5 seconds
  • low alloy and non-ferrous alloy analysis without complex setup
  • continuous cycle of work 24 hours / 365 days
  • the ability to analyze uneven surfaces and small samples - a patented control system by tapping the display - function
  • quick sorting in Arc mode without Argon and precision analyzes in Spark mode
  • the ability to integrate into the automatic cycle of metallurgical production


Optical system:

  • Pasha Runge 400 mm
  • Holographic grating 3000 strokes per 1 mm, material “Black Glass”
  • A system of linear CCD detectors of 2048 pixels each
  • Wavelength Range 170 - 420 nm
  • Resolution 6 picometers
  • Miniature optical system in the UV-PRO sensor for analysis of low contents of C, S, P.

WASLAB Software:

  • Based on Windows 98 / NT / ME
  • In the “Arc” mode: Quick sorting 2-3 sec.
  • In the spark mode: Quantitative analyzes, including analysis of carbon, sulfur and phosphorus. Identification of steel grades.
  • Flexible calibration according to State standard samples and SOP-am
  • Recalibration by recalibration samples for each model
  • Work with other Windows applications, create your own forms for certificates and reports

Excitation (source of spark):

  • Frequency: 100-400 Hz
  • Voltage: 300-500 V
  • High Energy Pulse (HEPA)
  • Current 15 A, controlled by Computer


  • Integrated Color TFT
  • Touch-Screen Function

Data processing system:

  • Modern embedded industrial computer


  • Height 910 mm
  • Width 510 mm
  • Length 640 mm
  • Weight 70 kg

Power Supply:

  • 220 V, 50 60 Hz
  • Power consumption 500 W in measurement mode
  • 50 watts standby

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