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Thermoflex F50 Thermal imager

(Equipment / Material)
Model Number: ThermoFLEX F50
Condition: New
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: Call for price
Portable Thermal Imager with Detachable ThermoFLEX F50 Camera Head

ThermoFLEX F50 Portable Thermal Imager with Detachable Camera Head
• Touch screen
• Intuitive and easy operation
• Detachable head
• Convenience when working in various conditions

The removable camera head allows you to control at any angle in hard to reach places.
To control highly located objects, it is enough to turn the camera head, and to control hard-to-reach parts of equipment, remove the head.
The designers decided to create a thermal imager with the ability to rotate the camera head at different angles and remove it from the control unit.
Thanks to an innovative solution, the EX F50 thermal imager allows you to visualize hidden equipment defects and ensures effective monitoring.

The developers have optimized the control unit making it convenient to work in various production conditions .
• Easy to use and intuitive control unit.
• Touch screen for intuitive operation.
• The buttons on the control unit are accessible when wearing protective gloves.
• Frequently performed operations, such as setting the range of measured temperatures and recording, can be performed using the buttons.
• Case design allows one-handed operation even with protective gloves

Assignable button functions for easy operation

• Turn on / off the flashlight
• Image rotation
• Switch display combined images
• On / off autoscaling and temperature alarm
• On / off color alarm and indication of additional information
• On / off menu indication
• Switch to preview mode
• Toggle display of image thumbnails
• Switch to real time

Default Button Functions
Blue button: on / off LED lamp
Green Button: Auto Zoom
Yellow button: image rotation

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