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Model Number: MIPEX-02/03 interface board
Condition: New
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: Call for price
For testing MIPEX infrared gas sensors, we offer a specially developed MIPEX Evaluation Kit, which works through a PC in conjunction with the special MIPEX Evaluation Software. The MIPEX Evaluation Kit provides advanced features and allows users to customize specific sensor parameters to suit their specific requirements.

The MIPEX Evaluation Kit includes a MIPEX Interface Board with a USB interface for connecting to a PC, special testing software (MIPEX ETS) and, optionally, a single MIPEX Gas Adapter for controlled gas supply to the sensor.

The MIPEX Interface Board is powered by USB and does not require an additional power source. MIPEX ETS software allows you to calibrate sensors, analyze and store readings in real time, visualize data in tabular and graphical forms. You can download MIPEX ETS in the Resources section.


• To ensure fully functional testing and evaluation of the sensor, only a PC connection and a test gas mixture are required
• 12-bit analog-to-digital converter
• MIPEX ETS PC software provides real-time data logging tool
• The presence of a built-in LED indication and an initialization button for ease of setup and calibration of the sensor
• 4-20 mA analog output, 10 bits, with current and polarity protection
• Availability of RS232 interface and data collection mode for remote monitoring and registration of sensor readings
• Reverse polarity protected input for DC 8-30 V, 70 mA

As an option, you can order gas adapters MIPEX-03/03 Gas Adapter, which are used to supply the gas mixture to the sensor and are suitable not only for the MIPEX infrared gas sensors of the MIPEX-02 and MIPEX-03 families, but also for any sensors having the forms factor CTL-4.


  • Product Type: Test Kit;
  • Compatibility: MIPEX-02, MIPEX-03;
  • Overall dimensions: 61 × 40 × 3 mm;
  • Description: Interface board for contacting the sensor with the interrogating device;
  • Connection type: USB or UART with additional power supply +3.3 V;
  • The ability to measure the current consumption of the sensor: Yes (a measuring device is needed);
  • Temperature range, ° C: -40 ... +60;
  • Features: It is used as part of the MIPEX Evaluation Kit for communication of sensors of the MIPEX-02 and MIPEX-03 families with a computer;

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