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Search Measuring Signaling device ISP-Pm1704A-GN

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Model Number: ИСП-PM1704A-ГН
Condition: New
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: Call for price
The PM1704A Series is a compact and lightweight professional instrument that combines the functions of a search detector and an identifier. PM1704A-GN allows not only to detect sources of gamma and neutron radiation, but also to carry out primary identification of radionuclides by their gamma spectrum, which increases the efficiency of ensuring radiation safety. The devices are intended for employees of customs and border services, emergency rescue services and the Ministry of Emergencies, police, security and security services.
Principle of operation

The main advantage of the PM1704A series instruments is that with their help the user can carry out express analysis of the detected radionuclide without an external PC. The presence of a wireless module Bluetooth 4.0. LE allows you to transmit data in real time, and the presence of the GPS / GLONASS module makes it possible to bind measurement data to GPS coordinates. The history of work is stored in the non-volatile memory of the device and can be transferred to a PC via USB.

On the screen of the device not only the designation of the detected radionuclide is displayed, but also its category according to the classification of the ANSI 42.48 standard. This enables users without special training to quickly determine the danger level of the detected source and decide on further actions.

The device can be integrated into a network with data transmission via Bluetooth 4.0 in real time.


For the PC to work with the device, special software is provided, loaded automatically when the device is connected to the PC via USB.

The software allows you to:

  • work in on-line mode with the device currently connected;
  • display on the screen and save to the PC the history of the connected device;
  • change the parameters of the connected device;
  • View and delete spectra stored in the instrument memory.
Available Modifications

ISP-PM1704A - basic model, with integrated CsI (Tl) scintillation detector;

ISP-PM1704A-GN - in addition to the base model, it has a LiI (Eu) scintillation detector for searching and detecting neutron radiation sources.

* Devices are made to order, it is necessary to clarify the conditions of the order and delivery.

Key Features:
  • Fast identification of radionuclides with data display on LCD
  • Integrated high sensitivity CsI (Tl) detector and Li (I) scintillation detector
  • Convenient and simple interface
  • Bright LCD
  • Built-in USB and Bluetooth for data transfer
  • Sound, vibration and visual alarm
  • Compact size, light weight
  • Shockproof Sealed Case (IP65)
  • Built-in GPS / GLONASS
Online data transfer

The devices are equipped with Bluetooth V 4.0 Energy Module Low (BLE112) and can exchange data with mobile devices in real time.

Free mobile Polismart ® II application is available for iPod ® touch, iPhone ®, iPad ® (iOS) and Android TM for mobile devices and can be downloaded from the App Store SM and Google Play TM.

Detector CsI (Tl), LiI (Eu)
DER Indication Range from 0.01 to 130 μSv / h
Measurement range of photon radiation DER along the Cs-137 line in collimated radiation 0.1 to 100 μSv / h
The limit of permissible basic relative error of DER measurement ± (20 + K 1 / Ḣ)%, where Ḣ - DER value, mSv / h, K 1 - coefficient equal to 0.0025 mSv / h
Energy range in DER measurement mode from 0.06 to 1.33 MeV
Energy range in search mode from 0.033 to 3.00 MeV
The energy dependence of the dosimeter readings relative to the energy of 0.662 MeV (Cs-137) does not exceed ± 25%
The sensitivity of the device to gamma radiation:
for 137 Cs 100 (s -1 ) / (μSv / h)
for 241 Am 300 (s -1 ) / (μSv / h)
The energy range of the recorded neutron radiation from thermal to 14 MeV
Sensitivity to neutron radiation:
for Pu-α-Be 0.07 cp cm 2 / neutron
for thermal neutrons 2 pulse cm 2 / neutron
Indication speed display range:
when registering gamma radiation from 1 to 9999 s -1
for thermal neutrons from 0.01 to 999 s -1
Identification of the radionuclide composition of a substance LCD indication
The time of continuous operation of the device from one battery, at least not less than 300 hours subject to the nominal operating mode; at least 50 hours with GPS on
Degree of protection of the case IP65
Type of alarm audio, sound, vibration
Physical parameters 102x87x38 mm
Weight 0.28 kg
Operating temperature range from minus 20 ° С to 50 ° С
Relative humidity up to 98% at a temperature of 40 ° C and lower
Atmosphere pressure from 84 to 106.7 kPa

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