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Model Number: Arm
Condition: New
Made in: Russia
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Location: Russia / Belgorod
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: Call for price
We offer reinforcement for reinforced concrete structures from the availability and on order (DSTU 3760-98, GOST 5781-82).

Fittings (А400С / А500С) (STO ASChM 7-93)
Armature A500C 6mm (6.0m) 41,400
Armature A500C 8mm (11.7m) 41,400
Fittings A500C 10mm (11.7m) 38600
Armature A500C 12mm (11.7m) 37300
Armature A500C 14mm (11.7m) 36900
Armature A500C 16mm (11.7m) 36900
Armature A500C 18mm (11.7m) 36900
Armature A500C 20mm (11.7m) 36900
Armature A500C 22mm (11.7m) 36900
Armature A500C 25mm (11.7m) 36900
Fittings A500C 28mm (11.7m) 36900
Armature A500C 32mm (11.7m) 36900
Fittings (A240C) DSTU 3760-98, GOST 5781-82
Armature A240C 6mm (6m) 41500
A240C fittings 8mm (6m) 41200
Fittings A240C 10mm (6m) 41200
Armature A240C 12mm (11.7m) 39800
Fittings A240C 14mm (11.7m) 39400
Armature A240C 16mm (11.7m) 39400
Armature A240C 18mm (11.7m) 39400
Fittings A240С 20mm (11.7m) 39400
Armature A240C 22mm (11.7m) 39800
Armature A240C 25mm (11.7m) 40500
Armature A240C 32mm (11.7m) 40100
Wire rod (GOST 30136-95)
Rolled wire f6.5 (riots) 41200
Wire rod f8.0 (riots) 39800
Wire rod f10.0 (riots) 39800

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