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Stainless steel corner

(Equipment / Material)
Model Number: УНС
Condition: New
Made in: Russia
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Location: Russia / Sverdlovsk Oblast / Zarechny
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: Call for price
To find out the total cost, send a request, and the manager will contact you within an hour. We deliver to any region of Russia and the CIS countries. We deliver metal products wholesale or retail. Reasonable prices for each commodity unit!

Corner corrosion-proof AISI 304

Section Wall GOST Weight r.m., t Product description
20x20 3 ASTM A484M 0.0008700 weight pm 0.87 kg
25x25 3 ASTM A484M 0.0011100 weight p. 1.11 kg
30x30 3 ASTM A484M 0.0013400 weight p.m. 1.34 kg
30x30 4 ASTM A484M 0.0017600 weight p.m. 1.76 kg
40x40 4 ASTM A484M 0.0023900 weight m 2.39 kg
50x50 5 ASTM A484M 0.0037300 weight m 3.73 kg

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