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Slag Crushed stone

(Equipment / Material)
Model Number: ЩШ
Condition: New
Made in: Russia
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Location: Russia / Tula
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: Call for price
Slag crushed stone is widely used in the construction of roads (coatings, bases, additional base layers and other layers of pavement), in the preparation of concrete, slag mixtures, and can also be used in the construction of residential and industrial buildings and structures (for filling foundations, etc. P.)

The main consumers of crushed stone produced by PJSC "KMZ" are enterprises of the Tula and surrounding areas, operating in various segments of the construction market.

KMZ PJSC produces the following gravel fractions:

  • 5 - 20 mm
  • 20 - 40 mm
  • 40 - 70 mm

as well as slag sand (0-5 mm).

Shipment is made in batches, by rail or by road.

Slag products produced at PJSC KMZ are an environmentally friendly material and can be used in the construction of residential and industrial buildings, structures, roads.

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