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FILIN Megavolt CT-600

(Equipment / Material)
Model Number: CT-600
Condition: New
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: Call for price
FILIN Megavolt CT-600 is a compact universal industrial X-ray tomograph for 2-D and 3-D X-ray flaw detection, tomography and metrology with a powerful high-energy linear accelerator and an optionally installed sharp focus x-ray tube, designed to control objects of a wide class with a diameter of up to about 600 mm, up to a height of 800mm and weighing up to 200kg with translucent radiation thickness in tomography mode up to 140mm steel or 380mm aluminum.

Features of the device.
A linear accelerator with a radiation energy of 1MeV / 3MeV, depending on the model, is the transmission of very large thicknesses of metals (up to 140 mm in steel in tomography mode).
Powerful sharp focus tube with voltage up to 450/600 kV, depending on the model - high control sensitivity and spatial resolution when scanning objects of small and medium radiation thickness (up to 70 mm in steel in tomography mode).
Layered tomography in a conical beam.
Fan beam tomography using an optional linear detector.
Spiral tomography mode (option) - correct detection of randomly oriented planar defects and structural elements. The absence of artifacts characteristic of the FDK algorithm.
Virtual expansion mode of the detector.
X-ray television and radiography modes - high-performance 2D defectoscopy.
Precision 5 or 6 axis manipulator with load-bearing elements made of granite.
Thermal stabilization of the detector (option) - improving the quality of tomograms by reducing the thermal noise of the detector.
Calibration standards and software for automated tomography setup.
Option SST (Scatter Suppress Tool) - minimization of scattering artifacts. Detection of undistorted density distribution in sections.
Option Metrology: certificate of type approval of measuring instruments, standards.
Modules for automated comparison with CAD data, wall thickness analysis, analysis of voids and inclusions.
Automatic control and sorting without operator intervention for typical products (optional modules may be required).
Standalone security camera.
Development and approval of a project for the placement of a source of ionizing radiation.
Workstation 3D visualization enhanced productivity.

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