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High Strength wear Resistant steel

(Equipment / Material)
Model Number: ВИПр
Condition: New
Made in: Ukraine
Location or Storage Country: Ukraine
Location: Ukraine / Mariupol
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: Call for price
Metinvest offers a wide range of sheet products for the manufacture of machine parts and structures that are operated with increased impact and abrasive impact.

The use of high-strength plate to replace traditional carbon and low alloy steels allows you to increase the service life, increase the reliability and performance of equipment and structures, reduce the cost of their manufacture and repair.

These products are used in the engineering industry in the production of mining equipment, machinery and lifting mechanisms, in construction and other segments of the industry.

For use in particularly aggressive abrasive conditions, Metinvest offers a line of high-strength wear-resistant steels with hardness HB400 / HB450 / HB500 / HB550. An increase in hardness by 30-70% allows to increase the durability of the product by 3-5 times due to the reduction of abrasive wear. Through hardening of sheet metal ensures the hardness of the product and its operational stability not only on the surface, but also over the entire cross section of the sheet, subject to the recommended processing conditions. We control the quality of products from the stage of preparation of raw materials to the final heat treatment of products.

If necessary, sheet metal can be delivered after preliminary preparation (cutting, chamfering, shot blasting, priming) in accordance with the needs of the customer. At the request of consumers, additional marking, tests, packaging, loading instructions are available.

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