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Seamless welded Transitions GOST 17378-2001

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Model Number: ПБП
Condition: New
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Location: Russia, Omsk
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: Call for price
The standard establishes general specifications for seamless welded transitions made of carbon and alloy steel. Transitions are used for pipelines for various purposes, including those controlled by regulatory authorities, at PN up to 16 MPa and temperature from -70 ° С to +450 ° С.
Diameter of transitions of execution 1, D 26.9-508.0 mm
Diameter of transitions of execution 2, D 38-530 mm
Material 20, 09G2S

Legend Example

• Concentric transition of execution 1 D = 508 mm, T = 11 mm and D1 = 406.4 mm, T1 = 8.8 mm from steel grade 20:
Transition K 1-508x11-406.4x8.8 GOST 17378-01,

• the same, from steel 09G2S, for pipelines controlled by supervisory authorities:
Transition PC 1-508x11-406,4x8, 8-09G2S GOST 17378-01,

• eccentric transition of execution 2 D = 530 mm, T = 26 mm and D1 = 377 mm, T1 = 22 mm from steel grade 20:
Transition E 530x26-377x22 GOST 17378-01.

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