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Infrared Pyrometer TIME Ti213El

(Equipment / Material)
Model Number: Ti213EL
Condition: New
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: Call for price
The TIME Ti213EL infrared pyrometer is designed for fast and accurate non-contact temperature measurement in the range from -25 to + 1200 ° С. The device is simple and convenient to use, has a small size and weight, which is convenient when working.

Features of the TIME Ti213EL pyrometer:

  • High optical resolution
  • Wide temperature measurement range
  • High measurement accuracy
  • High speed measurement
  • Small device
  • Light weight

The TIME Ti213EL infrared pyrometer is convenient and safe to use, which is one of the main advantages of this device. The infrared pyrometer with the EL index is equipped with additional functions: emissivity adjustment, display max., Min. and wednesday temperature values, DT, upper / lower temperature thresholds, audible and visual alarms when thresholds are exceeded.

Technical characteristics of the infrared pyrometer TIME Ti213EL:

Pyrometer model


Temperature range from -25 to + 1200 ° С
Measurement error ± 2%
Repeatability ± 0.5%
Display resolution -
Optical Resolution (D: S) 80: 1
Working wavelength 8-14 microns
Emissivity 0.15 - 1.00
Reaction time 200 ms
Type of designator coaxial laser

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