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27MG Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

(Equipment / Material)
Model Number: 27MG
Condition: New
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: RUB133,000
Olympus Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge 27MG is the most affordable Panametrics line. The thickness gauge replaced the 26MG model of the Panametrics trademark. It is intended for precision measurements of the residual wall thickness of pipes with unilateral access to the object of control. The device is lightweight (only 340 g), ergonomic and convenient to use with one hand. Despite its compact size, the 27MG ultrasonic thickness gauge is equipped with numerous innovative features and technologies used in more advanced Olympus models. Powered by finger-type batteries, the rugged and reliable ultrasonic thickness gauge features a backlit LCD screen with easy-to-read numbers. Intuitive keyboard, color-coded keys provide easy access to all key functions. We offer to buy 27MG in Moscow with delivery to any region of Russia.

Standard thickness gauge functions:

  • automatic recognition of the converter to ensure its optimal operation;
  • automatic zero compensation to ensure accurate measurements on hot surfaces;
  • gain adjustment when measuring materials with a high degree of ultrasonic attenuation (cast metal);
  • differential mode;
  • high / low alarm threshold settings;
  • Min / Max mode to call the minimum or maximum thickness value (20 measurements per second).

The 27MG is designed for inspection and maintenance engineers measuring the thickness of objects that are corroded from the inside (metal pipes, tanks, beams, and supporting structures). An ultrasonic thickness gauge is a cost-effective and quick way to conduct non-destructive testing using ultrasound.


To work with a 27MG thickness gauge, a separately-combined transducer is required, which is used to measure the thickness of many corroded objects. To measure the thickness of materials that are too thick, too thin, or small pipes, Olympus offers a wide range of separately coupled transducers. Olympus converters compatible with 27MG have an automatic recognition function; This function optimizes the operation of the probe, causing a default V-path correction.

Specifications 27MG *

Measurement mode using a cross-coupled transducer Time interval from precision delay to first echo
Thickness range from 0.50 to 635 mm, depending on the material, transducer, surface condition, temperature
The speed of sound propagation in the material 0.508 to 18.699 mm / μs
Resolution (selectable) Low: 0.1mm; Standard: 0.01 mm
Converter Frequency Range Standard: 2.25 to 10 MHz (-3dB)
Are common
Operating temperature range from -10 ℃ to 50 ℃
Keyboard Sealed, color-coded; tactile and sound feedback
Body Shockproof waterproof; with hermetically sealed connectors. Complies with IP65 standard.
Size (W x H x D) 84.0 x 152.4 x 39.6 mm
Weight 340g
Power supplies 3 AA alkaline batteries
Battery life 150 hours under normal conditions, 30 hours with constant backlighting.
Work in explosive atmospheres Class I Safe Operation, Section 2, Group D NFPA 70 (US National Fire Protection Association) Standard, Article 500, tested MIL-STD-810F Method 511.4 Procedure I
Compliance Meets EN15317 Requirements
Alarm mode Programmable alarm thresholds (low and high) with visual and audible indicators
Save / Reset Mode Display on the screen of the last measured value or its reset
Backlight Electroluminescent, ON and AUTO ON
Bandwidth 1 to 18 MHz (-3 dB)
Units Millimeters or inches
Interface languages English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish and Swedish

Standard equipment

  • Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge 27MG
  • AA alkaline batteries
  • Test sample and contact fluid
  • Transport case
  • Wrist strap
  • User manual on CD.
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Measurement functions: Min / Max mode, differential mode, Freeze frame mode for gain adjustment, automatic probe detection, zero compensation

Additional components

  • 2214E (U8880014): 5-step test sample, English system of measures
  • 2214M (U8880016): 5-step test sample, metric
  • 27MG / RPC (U8780343): Protective rubber boot, neck strap and instrument stand

To purchase additional accessories (holders, probes, contact fluids, etc.), contact your Olympus representative at TECHCON.

27MG with protective rubber case

27MG with protective rubber case (optional), neck strap and stand

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