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Anchor Catcher AL-118 FOR ESP

(Equipment / Material)
Model Number: АЛ-118
Condition: New
Made in: Kazakhstan
Location or Storage Country: Kazakhstan
Location: Kazakhstan / Almaty
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: Call for price
AL-118 ANCHOR-CATCHER FOR ESPs It is installed as part of the descent equipment together with the AGLA-118 shock absorber directly under the ESPs. At the end of the descent, the anchor-catcher is installed by lifting the column one meter and smoothly descending until the discharge on it. In this case, the anchor descent safety pin is moved along the figured groove from the landing prevention position to the corresponding position.

During the transfer of the anchor-catcher to the working position, the dies are extended and the compressed position of the spring of the anchor body is fixed. This ensures constant contact of the dies of the anchor with the casing and the wedge of the anchor. In order to dampen the vibration of the ESP, the armature wedge is made in the form of a thin-walled cone, which acts as a spring vibration damper.

To enhance the result, a rubber-filled vibration damper-damper can be installed over the ESP. When lifting equipment, the dies of the anchor due to springing are in constant contact with the casing, which ensures reliable retention of equipment in the event of a break in the string.

When the tubing is broken, the flight of the column is accompanied by braking with the AGLA-118 shock absorber and a smooth perception of the load on the anchor anchor. When lifting the column, the AGLA-118 shock absorber provides the ability to shift the column down relative to the anchor to ensure operation with standard hoisting equipment

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