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OMP Works Oy

Country: Finland
Main Products/Services: Construction management & supervision services; Conveyors, feeders & acc; Crane management services; Design services, industrial design etc; Electrical & instrument services; Energy & electrical power supply services; Hydraulic drivers; Hydraulic units & acc; Machining services in situ & general machining; Management & operations, producti

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OMP GROUP was founded in the 1964 excavation movement. The initials OMP meant originally Oulun Maanrakennuspojat. The company grew a major conglomerate, which included engineering activities, as well as land, water, housing, and industrial construction. The company carried out a major international construction and infrastructure projects in Finland, the Nordic countries, Russia and Saudi Arabia. Later, OMP is known for engineering works and industrial maintenance companies engaging in. We are currently exporting to Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Norway and Iraq. Internationalization is the main goal and we have come to the development of own products; Floodgates, Set of dams, large formwork's, as well as a chain basket filters as well as buying corporate businesses with business acumen, good products, which are in demand as Vapor- boilers and boiler plants and pressure vessels. We have also expanded our expertise. Besides mechanical know-how, we have been developed the hydraulic and electrical and automation expertise. We have invested in our own design department and implemented major turnkey projects for example. drill tower design and manufacture, as well as a dredger hydraulic design and manufacture, as well as a port crane electrical and automation modernization. New services have been developed by investing in eg. CNC machining centers, which are made of hydraulic blocks and sub-assemblies of the equipment and machine manufacturers.