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Fixed Displacement Axial Piston Motors - F11 Series

(Equipment / Material)
Model Number: F11
Condition: New
Made in: USA
Location or Storage Country: USA
Location: USA / Ohio / Cleveland
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: Call for price
F11 hydraulic pumps are robust and provide high pressure.
  • Body material: Cast iron
  • Drain Option: YES
  • Make-up pump included: NO
  • Closed path: OPEN
  • Configuration: Single
  • Regulation Method: NO
  • Energy recovery capability: YES
  • Filter included: NO
  • For the type of fluid: Standard hydraulic fluid
  • Maximum displacement: 19 cm3 / rev, 1.16 inch3 / rev
  • Maximum flow: 17.56 Gal / min, 66.5 L / min L / min
  • Maximum fluid temperature: 115 ° C, 239 ° F
  • Minimum fluid temperature: -40 ° F
  • Maximum noise level: 80 dBA dBA
  • Maximum working pressure: 420 bar bar, 6090 psi
  • Radial load capacity: 400 kg kg, 880 lb
  • Maximum working speed: 14000 RPM
  • Maximum kinematic viscosity: 1000 cSt / 4664 SUS
  • Minimum kinematic viscosity: 8 cSt / 37.3 SUS
  • Weight: 11 kg (Max), 24.2 lb (Max)
  • Working environment: HYDRAULIC
  • Mounting options: SAE | ISO | CETOP | CARTRIDGE
  • Port connection: SAE | ISO | BSPP
  • Port Locations: Rear Ports
  • Pump type: PISTON, Constant displacement
  • Direction of rotation: Clockwise | counterclockwise | reversible
  • Sensor type: Rotational speed | rotation
  • Shaft type: SAE | ISO |
  • Thru Drive Characteristics: NO

Parker high efficiency tilt-block motors with a unique ball-head piston can withstand the most severe thermal shock. They are designed for pressures up to 420 bar and speeds up to 14,000 rpm. Thanks to their well-proven gear timing and double tapered bearings, these motors are robust and reliable even for the most demanding applications. Suitable for both open and closed-loop systems, these robust motors have proven themselves to be highly reliable over time. The working volume is 5-19 cubic meters. cm

Through rigorous testing and continuous improvement, our hydraulic motors deliver maximum efficiency, even under challenging conditions.

Target Markets:
• Industry
• Energy
• Government programs (except for the aerospace industry)
• HVAC systems
• Mobile technology
• Extraction of natural resources
• Transport (excluding aerospace)

Features and Benefits:
• Working volume 5-19 cubic meters. cm - the possibility of application in various fields.
• Synchronization of gears - robust and reliable.
• High overall efficiency - reduced greenhouse gas emissions and lower fuel consumption.
• Low Noise Level - Meets industry noise exposure requirements.
• Lightweight - reduced greenhouse gas emissions and lower fuel consumption.
• Laminated piston rings - low internal leakage, higher overall efficiency.
• High RPM Capability - Suitable for a variety of applications.
• Working pressure up to 420 bar.
• Shaft ends and mounting flanges comply with ISO, SAE and CETOP standards.
• Compact mounting dimensions - suitable for a variety of applications.
• Reliable operation in extremely low and high temperatures - the ability to operate in the most difficult conditions.

Areas of use:
• Agreecultural machines. Agreecultural equipment
• Construction machinery and equipment
• Forestry equipment
• Lifting and transporting equipment
• Lawn equipment
• Professional equipment and utility vehicles
• Other mobile equipment
• Mining industry
• Oil and gas industry
• Energy production
• Defense industry
• Marine equipment (for civil purposes)
• Air conditioning systems
• Heating systems
• Metal cutting machines
• Lifts
• Railways

For detailed technical information on F11 Series motors, download our latest catalog and installation manuals (see Product Support tab) and / or contact your local Parker dealer for assistance.

* Made in Sweden

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