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PDC bit 6" 152mm 5 Blades with 3-88(3 1/2Reg)

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Model Number: 6" 152mm 5 Blades with 3-88(3 1/2Reg)
Condition: New
Made in: China
Export Mode: FOB
Location or Storage Country: China
Location: Hebei
Nearest Port: TianJin
Packaging Details: wooden case
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: Call for price
Size From 3 1/2" to 10" for customers to choose
Application Suitable for water well drilling, HDD projects, geological drilling and drilling maintenance, and so on
Formation Hardness Medium Soft
Formation Soft to the medium formation with low compressive strength interbed with hard layers
Rock Type Claystone, Marl, Lignite, Sandstone, Tuff, Silts, Anhydrites
Advantage This steel body PDC bit is specially designed for geological drilling.

It can save drilling costs greatly and has a higher rotary speed, so it is more cost-effective compared to traditional PDC bit and tricone bit.
Customizability 1. Size: We can customize any size including non-standard sizes.

2. Cutter: Customers can choose to build high-performance wear-resistant materials on the surface of the blade or not.

3. Blades: According to the characteristics of different formations, the crown profile is optimized, and customers can choose its suitable blade quantity.
Product description High-quality steel is used as the base material of the drill bit and can choose high-performance wear-resistant material is surfaces on the blade surface to prevent erosion of basic materials.

The dynamic flow field simulation technology is adopted to optimize the bit's hydraulic design, enhance the bit's cleaning and cooling effect, and prevent the bit from balling.

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