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Locations: Russia, Perm
Registration: Russia, Perm
Year Established: 1991
Main Products/Services: Production of devices and systems for emergency protection, control of technological parameters and diagnostics of industrial equipment

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The research and production enterprise "TIK" specializes in the development and production of devices and systems for monitoring, diagnostics and emergency protection (PAZ) of industrial equipment in terms of vibration parameters.

As part of this specialization, the company works in the following areas:

  • systems of vibration diagnostics of industrial equipment;

  • stands for input control of rolling bearings;

  • vibration and temperature sensors, controllers, signaling devices;

  • portable vibration measuring instruments, vibrometers;

  • explosion proof vibration stands;

  • metrological verification and after-sales service of all delivered products;

  • design of industrial control systems;
  • assembly of instrumentation and A cabinets;
  • vibration diagnostics and vibration adjustment of equipment;

  • dynamic balancing of equipment;

  • laser alignment of mechanisms;

  • assessment of the condition of rolling bearings;

  • metal furniture for production sites and laboratories.

Over its long history, the TIK enterprise has gained competence in many related areas of economic activity. Accordingly, the structure of the enterprise also developed, the number of employees grew. To date, the company employs more than 300 people, and the company is geographically located on three floors with a total area of 6.5 thousand. M2 on the right bank of the Kama city of Perm.

The quality management system of NPP "TIK" works according to the international standard ISO 9001: 2015.

Functionally, the activities of the enterprise can be divided into 4 main areas:

  • scientific direction;
  • production line;
  • service direction;
  • trade direction.