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Diesel Company

Country: Russia
Locations: Russia / Yaroslavl
Registration: Russia / Yaroslavl
Main Products/Services: Production of diesel power plants, block containers, other power equipment

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Modern automated metalworking equipment
The plant is equipped with laser cutting and metal bending machines from Warcom (Italy), welding stations, high-precision conductors for assembling metal structures, paint booths, an assembly line for block containers, and modern test boxes.

A team of experienced, responsible, highly qualified specialists
For which comfortable, safe working conditions are created. Workers regularly undergo training, certification, including abroad (in Sweden, Italy, France, the Czech Republic) at the factories and in the training centers of our permanent partner suppliers of components.

Lean manufacturing system
A streamlined flow of single products makes it possible to reduce the cost, production time of the product, ensure consistently high quality, eliminate unnecessary costs and losses inherent in the production of a standard cycle.

Quality control implemented in the production process
At each stage of product creation, employees are guided by an effective rule: “Do not accept marriage, do not make marriage, do not transfer marriage”. One of the final stages of the production of power equipment is a full bench test, which guarantees 100% product performance. It is not the first year that Diesel has successfully passed a technical audit and accreditation of large Russian companies that consume power equipment.