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LLC "Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant - Uraltrak"

Country: Russia
Locations: Russia / Chelyabinsk
Registration: Russia / Chelyabinsk
Main Products/Services: Production and sale of a wide range of wheeled and tracked road construction equipment, spare parts and other high-tech engineering products

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Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant - URALTRAK (ChTZ) is an industrial association for the production and sale of a wide range of wheeled and tracked road construction equipment (bulldozers, pipe layers, front-end loaders), spare parts and other high-tech engineering products.

Consumers of ChTZ products are thousands of enterprises in Russia, the CIS countries and far abroad countries of various industries, such as oil and gas, mining, construction, forestry and others, as well as government ministries and departments of various countries.

ChTZ-URALTRAK, among its main products, offers its customers:

  • tractors type T9 (traction class 9), T10M, T10M2, T11 (traction class 10), T12, T14 (traction class 15)
  • bulldozers B10M, B11, B12, B14 (traction class 10-15)
  • heavy bulldozers DET-400 (traction class 25)
  • pipelayers TP12 and TP20 with a lifting capacity of 12.5 and 20 tons
  • wheel front loaders: PK-30 (carrying capacity 3 tons), PK-55 (carrying capacity 5.5 tons), PK-65 (carrying capacity 6.5 tons), PK-70 (carrying capacity 7 tons
  • compactor BKK-2 for compacting solid household and industrial waste
  • diesel engines up to 1350 horsepower
  • spare parts for manufactured equipment (including tracks and rollers for spare parts for tractors T-130, T-170 and B-170)

The production potential of the plant provides a full technological cycle for the creation of engineering machines: from blank to assembly and testing.

ChTZ widely uses modern technologies: heat treatment in inert gases, sheet bending, machining on CNC machines and machining centers, robotic welding, plasma, laser metal cutting, etc.

The subdivisions of the plant use the equipment of the leading machine-tool factories in Russia, the CIS, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, Italy, Poland, Romania, Hungary, etc.

The total number of technological equipment units is about 18,000 pieces.

The association includes foundry, press-welding, mechanical assembly and other plants.

Number of employees - 5,200 people

Production area occupied CTZ is 1.2 million m 2.

In certain segments of the Russian market, such as bulldozers and pipelayers of the most demanded classes, ChTZ steadily maintains a leading position. Hundreds of machines are exported annually. In addition to the CIS countries, over the past few years, equipment bearing the ChTZ brand has been supplied to 16 non-CIS countries.

With an extensive dealer network in Russia and the CIS countries, as well as a system of its own warehouses for finished products and spare stocks in the regions from Sakhalin to St. Petersburg and Krasnodar Territory, ChTZ ensures the efficient operation of the manufactured equipment during the entire period of its use in any region.

Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant has a certificate of conformity of the quality management system (Download) to the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2001.

The company has many medals, cups, certificates and diplomas received for achieving high results in recent years.

ChTZ is especially proud of state awards: the enterprise was awarded the Order of Lenin (1971), the Order of the Red Banner of Labor (1983), the Order of Kutuzov 1st degree (1945), the Order of the Red Star (1944), the Vietnamese Order of Friendship (2003), the Order of Holy Blessed Prince Dmitry Donskoy (2008). The ChTZ experimental plant (1944) and the ChTZ design bureau for diesel engines (1945) were awarded the Order of Lenin. 12 tractor builders were awarded the title of Hero of Socialist Labor.