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Reinforcement plant "Gusar"

Country: Russia
Locations: Russia / Vladimir region / Gus-Khrustalny
Registration: Russia / Vladimir region / Gus-Khrustalny
Main Products/Services: Release of pipeline fittings

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The company's activities are aimed at:

  • understanding and fulfilling the tasks of environmental protection on the territory of Russia, as the most important part of the activity;
  • joining the ranks of those companies in the Russian industry that constantly allocate resources to carry out environmental protection measures;
  • the use of advanced technologies with their economic justification;
  • pursuing a policy of introducing into the minds of people the idea "Man is the main guarantor of preserving the environment!";
  • compliance with all laws of the Russian Federation on environmental protection;
    an individual approach to each employee and a qualitative improvement in working conditions;
  • control and reduction of consumption of all types of energy (heat, electricity, water);
  • minimization of emissions into the atmosphere;
  • analysis of production wastes and, if possible, their involvement in a repeated cycle;
  • use of materials and raw materials that are least harmful to the environment.
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