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Country: Russia
Locations: Russia, Yekaterinburg
Registration: Russia, Yekaterinburg
Main Products/Services: Production of ceramic proppants for oil wells

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The FORES company is engaged in the production of ceramic proppants for oil wells. Starting with one production line and the first batch of 192 tons in 2002, by the beginning of 2019, the company reached a production volume of up to 100,000 tons of finished products per month.


  • More than 2000 employees (together with subsidiaries);
  • Four production divisions:
    • 1) Asbest branch (Asbest);
    • 2) Sukhoi Log subdivision (Sukhoi Log);
    • 3) Kurya subdivision (village Kuri);
    • 4) Kamensk-Uralsky division (Kamensk-Uralsky).
  • Three consignment warehouses (Nizhnevartovsk, Nyagan, Pyt-Yakh);
  • Scientific Center (Yekaterinburg);
  • Training center (Sukhoi Log)
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