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Wenzhou OUWEI Technology CO., LTD

Country: China
Industry: OIL & GAS
Total Employees: 500
Year Established: 1990
Main Products/Services: valve

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Wenzhou Ouwei Technology Co., Ltd., situated in Lishui, Zhejiang, specializes in valve manufacturing and offers a full spectrum of services, encompassing development, manufacturing, installation, and sales. Since its inception, the company has maintained a leading position in the industry through its substantial technical expertise and a commitment to valuing talent, meticulously researching equipment, and consistently enhancing its information base.

The company headquarters spans an area of 65,300m² with a building area of 46,000m². The company currently employs 385 staff members, including 28 engineers, 56 technical experts, 12 senior welders, 106 skilled technicians, 6 professionals in physical and chemical tests, 10 special equipment inspectors, 8 non-destructive testing experts, and 8 after-sales service representatives. The company boasts a comprehensive quality assurance system and advanced testing capabilities.

Since its inception, the company has engaged senior valve experts and incorporated core technologies in the valve sector. Leveraging talent, technology, equipment, information, management, and team spirit, the company has been the first to obtain certifications including IS09001, IS014001, ISO45001, ISO15848, API6D, API607, CE, and TA-Luft. Currently, the company operates under the GFGFV® and OUWEI® brands. The company has developed a competitive and cost-effective structure that fully leverages its strengths. It introduces international best practices in management and technological innovation, continuously enhancing its overall strength and expanding its market share. Its product range includes over 60 series of valves—including ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, and check valves—offering nearly a thousand varieties in various materials and connection types. The product range is extensive, covering a full spectrum of media specifications. Nominal diameters range from DN6 to 2600mm, with pressure levels from 0.1MPa to 32.0MPa and operating temperatures from -196°C to 680°C. The main valve materials include carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, ductile iron, copper, titanium, Monel alloy, and others, which can be custom-refined and manufactured to meet customer specifications. The products are widely used in sectors such as petroleum, chemical, coal mining, municipal water supply and drainage, heating systems, fire protection, metallurgy, power plants, petrochemicals, oil, and gas. They are exported to countries and regions including the Middle East, Europe and America, Southeast Asia, and Africa. The high quality of these products has earned widespread acclaim and trust from customers.

Wenzhou Ouwei is committed to becoming a leader in the valve industry