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Complex Reservoir Testing IPT-65

(Equipment / Material)
Model Number: ИПТ-65
Condition: New
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: Call for price
The equipment for formation testing by pipe testers is designed to conduct hydrodynamic studies of reservoirs and to take in-depth samples from them during the test. It provides testing of the studied objects in a multi-cycle mode in drilling wells with diameters from 76 to 295 mm. At the same time, a significant reduction in the search and exploration time for new deposits is achieved by promptly obtaining information about the saturation characteristics of reservoirs.


For the study of wells in order to determine the hydrodynamic characteristics of the reservoirs.


- Conducting a reservoir test in a multi-cycle mode "inflow - pressure restoration".
- Testing of objects with selective (two-packer) isolation.
- Possibility of taking sealed formation fluid samples into containers compatible with standard research equipment.
- Conducting pulsed hydroprocessing of the bottomhole formation zone (bottomhole formation zone).
- Determination of the hydrodynamic parameters of the bottomhole formation zone and the remote zone of the reservoir.

terms of Use

- Research in open trunks from 72 to 97 mm.
- Research in cased-hole wells 87, 114 mm.
- Research in the environment of clay mud, oil, produced water, etc.


1 Formation tester IPV-65.
2 IPM-65K formation tester included:
- equalizing valve KU-65;
- sliding mechanism PM-65;
- intake valve VK-65.
3 Prefix multi-cycle PM-65.
4 Circulation valve КЦ-65 or КЦУ-65.v 5 Sampling and bleeding valve KPS-65. 6 Equalizing-isolating valve KUO-65.
7 Packer PC-65.
8 Packer unbalanced PTsN-65.
9 Yass hydraulic closed type YAG-65.
10 Safe lock ЗБ-65.
11 Leveling device UU-65.
12 Pressure differential distributor between RU-65 packers.
13 Filter F-65.
14 Branch pipe instrument PP-65.
15 Anchor Yak-65/98.
16 Guide mechanism MNU-65.
17 Container sampler KP-42.
18 Centralizer Ts-65.


Outer diameter mm 65
The minimum diameter of the passage channel, mm fifteen
Maximum pressure drop, MPa 35
Maximum pressure, MPa 60
Well temperature, ° С 150
Size of connecting threads 3-50

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