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Complex of test Equipment KII3-146

(Equipment / Material)
Model Number: КИИ3-146
Condition: New
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: Call for price
The equipment for formation testing by pipe testers is designed to conduct hydrodynamic studies of reservoirs and to take in-depth samples from them during the test. It provides testing of the studied objects in a multi-cycle mode in drilling wells with diameters from 76 to 295 mm.


For the study of wells in order to determine the hydrodynamic characteristics of the reservoirs.


- Study of the reservoir selectively in a multi-cycle mode.
- Sampling of sealed formation fluid.
- The ability to evaluate the hydrodynamic parameters of the borehole and remote zones of the reservoir and their change during the multi-cycle test.
- Drainage of the bottom-hole zone of the formation and cleaning of the bottom of the well.

terms of Use

- Research in drilling wells with diameters from 187 to 295 mm.
- Research in cased-hole wells with diameters of 219, 324 mm.
- Work in the environment of clay mud, oil, produced water, etc.


1 Formation tester IPM1-146U.
2 Lock-rotary valve multi-cycle ZPKM2-146.
3 Prefix multi-cycle PM-146.
4 Circulation valve КЦК-146 or КЦУ-146.
5 Valve sampling and bleeding KPS-155.
6 Sliding mechanism RMZ-146.
7 Packer PCR2-146 and PCR-178.
8 Yass hydraulic YaGZ.3-146.
9 Safe lock ЗБ-146.
10 Equalization device УУ4-146.
11 Cut-off flow OP-146.
12 Switchgear RU-146.
13 Filter Ф2-146.
14 Branch pipe instrument PP-146.
15 Sub left PL-146.
16 Anchor Yak-190/240 and Yak 270/325.
17 Support shoe BO-146 or guide mechanism MNU-155.
18 Container sampler KP-42.


Outer diameter mm 146
The minimum diameter of the passage channel, mm 25
Maximum pressure drop, MPa 35
Maximum pressure, MPa 75
Well temperature, ° С 150
Size of connecting threads Z-121

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