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KM pumps - Monoblock Console

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Model Number: КМ
Condition: New
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Location: Russia Moscow
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: Call for price
KM pumps in accordance with generally accepted classifications include: - by design feature - cantilever (unlike type K pumps, the impeller is located directly on the shaft of the special-purpose drive motor or on the intermediate shaft, which is also mounted on the shaft of a conventional flanged or combined mounting motor ) - according to the principle of action - centrifugal, dynamic, vane, with an output stream at the exit of the radial type impeller (impeller - closed type).

KM cantilever pumps by type of pumped medium are intended mainly for water (except marine) and liquids similar to water in density, viscosity (up to 36 cSt), with a pH value of 6 to 9. KM monoblock pumps for special purposes are also available:

- for pumping chemically active media (XM pump),
- light oil products (pump KMN),
- food
- other monoblock pumps for various environments. Most household pumps are manufactured in a single-block design.

The temperature of the pumped liquid for water pumps KM:

- with stuffing box packing - from 0 to 80 о С,
- with mechanical (mechanical) seal - from 0 to 105 о С (short-term excess of maximum temperature up to 120 о С is allowed).

Climatic modification and category of placement for the pumps KM - U3.1.
Permissible pressure at the inlet to the pump:

- for pumps with stuffing box seal - 3.5 atm.
- for pumps with mechanical seal - 6 atm.

KM pumps allow a small amount of mechanical impurities in the pumped liquid: up to 0.2% by weight. The particle size in impurities is up to 0.2 mm.
The suction height (the KM pump is not self-priming ) varies depending on the brand of pump.
To determine the height of the suction pump (when pumping water from an open source, at atmospheric pressure, when the water temperature - 20 ° C) can use the simplified formula

Sun H = H-atm -Fv ΔNvs- (NPSHr + 0,5), wherein:

- N atm - atmospheric pressure (10.33m)
- F in - pressure of saturated steam of water at 20 ° C (0.24 m)
- ΔН sun - suction head loss, m
- NPSH r - cavitation reserve specified in the technical specifications for each brand of pump KM.

Materials of the main parts of the pumps:

- pump housing, seal housing, impeller - gray cast iron SCH20, 25.

KM pumps have their advantages and disadvantages compared to K-type console pumps.

- the impeller is mounted directly on the motor shaft. In the case of low-quality manufacturing, an expensive electric motor may fail.


- the KM pumping unit is much smaller in size of a similar type K pump;
- fewer spare parts (missing bracket, coupling);
- there is no need to center the pump and electric motor;
- lower energy consumption due to the absence of losses in the coupling and bearings of the pump.

KM pumps, along with type K pumps, are used in almost all areas of industry, agriculture, the housing and communal sector and many others.

Brands of manufactured pumps type KM

Pump size Innings,
m 3 / h
rpm Power
electric engine, kW
electric motor
KM 50-32-125 12.5 twenty 3,5 2900 2.2 AIR 80V2ZH 47
KM 65-50-125 25 twenty 3.8 2900 3 AIR90L2ZH 62
KM 65-50-160 25 32 3.8 2900 5.5 AIR100L2ZH 75
KM 80-65-160 fifty 32 4 2900 7.6 AIR112M2ZH 105
KM 80-50-200 fifty fifty 3,5 2900 fifteen AIR 160S2ZH 185
KM 100-80-160 one hundred 32 4,5 2900 fifteen AIR 160S2ZH 185
KM 100-65-200 one hundred fifty 4,5 2900 thirty AIR180M2ZH 260

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