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TPConnectors produces high quality metal seal rings for compact flanges and clamp connectors which feature self-energised pressure assisted seals. The performance of such seal rings is dependent on using materials of high quality and strength. The deformation controlled functionality demands that strict dimensional tolerances are met, this is something our machine shop has 35 years of experience of achieving for CC seal rings.

Special seal rings such as transition seal rings from one size to another, blind seal rings and seal integrity test rings are available.

The seal rings are available with coatings selected to suit the functionality of sealing for compact flanges. For subsea use, we will recommend our silver coated seals which is a very robust solution giving an extremely good and everlasting sealing performance. For topside applications, we recommend using MoS2 based dry film coatings. The seal rings used in TPC CCs are designed to be high reliability metal to metal seals and the use of PTFE type coatings is not recommended.

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