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2” Nitrogen Pressure Unit

(Оборудование / Материал)
Модель: 2” Nitrogen Pressure Unit
Условие: Новый
Страна Местонахождения или Хранения: Норвегия
Инженерное сопровождение: Да
Гарантия: Нет
Цена: Звоните

The Nitrogen Pressure Unit used to provide the Hydrostatic Setting Tool with the nitrogen pressure when the hydrostatic well pressure is not enough for setting of the Gauge Hanger. 

The Nitrogen Pressure Unit is charged with the nitrogen through the safe valve system to required pressure using the gas booster pump. 

The Nitrogen Pressure Unit contains the Electronic Timer which opens the needle valve and allows the nitrogen pressure force the piston in the Setting Tool, which in turn provides a powerful setting stroke.

Main advantages

  • Safe feature for the filler valve system
  • High Pressure/High Temperature
  • NACE MR0175 suitable materials
  • Nitride surface treatment increases longevity 
  • Simple redressing

Technical spesifications

  • Tool OD – 2.000 inch
  • Overall Length – 64.14 inch
  • Weight – 35.42 lb
  • Top Connection – 15/16 – 10 UNS
  • Fishing Neck Size – 1.375 inch
  • Max Pressure – 10,000 PSI
  • Max Working Temperature – 150 C

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