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SWS Hammer Tool

(Оборудование / Материал)
Модель: SWS Hammer Tool
Условие: Новый
Страна Местонахождения или Хранения: Норвегия
Инженерное сопровождение: Да
Гарантия: Нет
Цена: Звоните

The SWS hammer is set up in such a manner that different flow rates can be used by adding a flow diverter in the coil tubing string. The tool comes in primarily 2 ⁷⁄₈” and 3 ³⁄₈” sizes with multiple setups on weight bars, flow by ports and other customisation.

The SWS Hammer should be your preferred solution when attempting to release stuck objects in wellbore. Tool may be used for pulling straddles, operating SSD’s etc. 

The SWS Blaster head in combination with our SWS Hammer is used during the CT process as to remove scale by vibrating the head against and pumping high pressure chemicals/water through the blaster head nozzle. The nozzle has a 360 degree flushing area. Pressure can be adjustable by changing the nozzle plate. Blaster head may also be used to flush sand screens. 

Setting DHSV
The Hammer Tool is frequently used for setting of the DHSV’s with outstanding efficiency and track record. 

Other Challenges?
Don’t hesitate to contact us! As we are willing to make the required modifications to accommodate the challenge at hand.

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