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(Оборудование / Материал)
Модель: Pen-O-Trator Reamer shoe
Условие: Новый
Страна Местонахождения или Хранения: Норвегия
Инженерное сопровождение: Да
Гарантия: Нет
Цена: Звоните

The PEN-O-TRATOR™ Reamer Guide Shoe has been specifically designed to be installed on Casing, Liner and Screen where operators have concerns about potentially difficult wellbore conditions such as, swelling shale’s, ledges and washed out areas of wellbore, post drilling and prior to running casing.

The PEN-O-TRATOR™ Reamer Guide Shoe ensures that tubulars reach TD first time, saving both time and costs.

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