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Under-reamed Sections & close Tolerance

(Оборудование / Материал)
Модель: Expand-O-Lizer™ ESTD-T
Условие: Новый
Страна Местонахождения или Хранения: Норвегия
Инженерное сопровождение: Да
Гарантия: Нет
Цена: Звоните

Downhole Products Expand-O-Lizer™ ‘Extreme Service Tear Drop - Taper’ is the ultimate engineered solution for under-reamed casing applications, ensuring the best possible conditions for cement placement. Utilizing the already proven Expand-O-Lizer™ ES unique patented design and now incorporating an offset teardrop taper blade design (patent pending) offering reduced insertion forces and superior standoff.

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