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Модель: Bladerunner™
Условие: Новый
Страна Местонахождения или Хранения: Норвегия
Инженерное сопровождение: Да
Гарантия: Нет
Цена: Звоните

The BLADERUNNER™ Ultimate Friction Reduction Spir-O-lizer performs equally in open or cased holes. Maximise drag reduction, minimise start up torque.

A cost effective alternative to roller type centralizers. Based on already proven design used in some of the worlds most demanding wells completed in the past (BP Wytch Farm, Caspian Sea, Sakhalin Island etc.).

•    Works equally well in both cased hole and open hole regardless of deviation.

•    Lower drag when running through cased hole

sections and out into open hole through milled sections.

•    Provides enhanced clean up and cement

placement properties.

•    The Bladerunner’s patented Ultra-Low Friction

buttons perform through even the longest casing runs.

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